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Talk is cheap and in this business, it can cost YOU money! 

We like to exceed expectations in real estate - to save you TIME, MONEY, and protect your QUALITY OF LIFE for you and your family. We make sure you don’t buy a money pit! In the 16 years, I’ve been in real estate, I’ve seen it all! When you start touring homes we will visually look for red flags. OUR TEAM will look for the age of AC / Hot Water Tank/ Roof/ Septic System and Drainfield / Plumbing collapse.  All these items are JUST A FEW of the investigations (when touring homes) we do to troubleshoot your desired home that LOOKS great - BUT might be a financial nightmare. You need to be able to REALLY SEE the home you view. We give you our best guidance so you don't make bad decisions that could cost you TIME, MONEY, AND HAPPINESS.

Our job is to save you the $400 inspection fee + $125 Wind Mitigation fee + $100 Termite fee ( fees vary) BEFORE you decide to go forward and remain in the deal. Multiple FAILED INSPECTIONS drain your bank account and your energy. We check everything as best we can before you go into contract. We work hard to find that home that suits ALL your needs - from schools to CDD Fees, Flood Zones, Taxes, and more - we are here for YOU and your best interest. In summary, when you are a client of ours, it is literally OUR job to give you the best representation in real estate that you and your family deserve - and nothing less.

Talk is cheap but RESULTS are invaluable!

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